Heading off issues before they become problems.
Small and medium size organizations depend on information to operate efficiently and compete effectively every bit as much as large corporations. Unlike the big guys, however, smaller companies often lack the sophisticated resources and capabilities required to support an increasingly complex IT environment. 2FIFTEEN is your IT partner. By proactively monitoring and maintaining your systems, we not only prevent technology problems from shutting down your business, we design, build and maintain strategic IT  systems that make you more competitive and efficient.
2FIFTEEN Systems Management Toolbox
In-depth health performance monitoring of all elements business IT assets.
Scheduled onsite back-up of critical data and restoration in the event of data loss.
Additional backup and offsite storage options.
Monitoring and continuing maintenance of your LAN, WAN, domain and VPN
Technicians work remotely on your network and systems to resolve issues..
A secured network perimeter, policies and managed virus protection.
Network health reporting and quarterly reviews.
EMM Industry-certified. Training. Systems Consulting.
2FIFTEEN Solutions
Solutions offered:

Adobe - Adobe CC 2015
Backup - Local and Off-site/Cloud-based - Backblaze (Channel Partner)
Enterprise Mobility Management (Mobile Device Management) - VMWare AirWatch
JAMF Software - Casper Suite, Bushel
Cloud Computing - Rackspace Channel Partner
Cloud Networking - Cisco Meraki Security Appliance, Cisco Meraki Wireless, Ruckus Unleashed
DNS Hosting - Go Daddy
Mac and iOS Deployment
Network and Security Solutions - Comcast Connector
Wireless Solutions Experts - Ubiquiti, Ruckus
Voice over IP (VoIP) - Yiptel, Select Voice and Data
Point of Sale (POS) - Vend 
Web Hosting – Rackspace