Strategic IT consulting.  Systems management. Information integrity.
Small and medium-sized companies are often so distracted by day-to-day information technology challenges that they lose focus on what is most important: the success of the business. Our clients trust us to take responsibility for the management and protection of the systems and information that drive business success. That frees them to apply energies and resources in the direction of their products, their services, their processes, and their customers. Sound like a plan for your organization? We want to keep you looking to the future, understanding how strategic deployment and continuous management of enterprise mobile technologies and cloud-based systems will lead to ever greater efficiencies, enhanced data integrity and security, and business growth for you. The following sections present a detailed look at our services.
Strategic IT consulting and advisory services
In our role as strategist, 2FIFTEEN will assist you in discovering the IT-related issues that may be compromising the efficiency of your business. We will advise you on pinpointing essential resources and services. Our goal is to provide relevant options for aligning technology with your company's goals and processes.

We’ll guide you in keeping a finger on the pulse of technology without loosening the grip on your operations and the business growth it is intended to drive. Such a role may require 2FIFTEEN to sit on your Advisory Board and direct your business toward a higher level IT infrastructure than you may currently employ.

2FIFTEEN solves challenges. This may involve discovering how we can address a business problem with an innovative technology develop a solution. We apply our expertise to determine what technology software systems will be most effective, and then will acquire, install and manage those systems. 

2FIFTEEN’s wide breadth of experience allows you to make the appropriate decisions so that you comply with security requirements, governance, and industry best practices.

2FIFTEEN Strategic IT consulting services can help you with:

- Objectives, advice and recommendations
- Project scoping and planning
- Business process and system design
- Project management support
Systems Management
2FIFTEEN’s systems management enables offloading specific IT operations from your team to ours. We assume responsibility for continuous monitoring, managing and/or problem resolution for selected IT systems and functions on your behalf. 2FIFTEEN specializes in providing Windows, Apple, and mixed-platform IT systems management to small and medium sized businesses.
As your IT systems management partner, 2FIFTEEN offers services such as alerts, security, patch management, data backup and recovery for your different client devices: desktops, notebooks, servers, storage systems, networks and applications.